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Hotel Âncora de Vilankulo is symbolized by a 4 ton anchor which appears at the entrance of our seafood restaurant.  As per the writing on the anchor, it was built in 1914 at Cradley Heath, Stanffordshire, UK by R. Sykes & Sons, Ltd., a metal processing and manufacturing company.  Presumably, the anchor was built forIMPROVED BRITANNIC the youngest of three sister vessels, among them the famous TITANIC. 

We understand that Improved Britannic never sailed to the shores of Africa and that it has been destroyed at the shores of Greece during the first world-war-one.  We attempted to trace the anchor back to the U.K. by contact R. Sykes & Sons in Cradley Heath with no result.  R. Sykes is presumably closed in 1966 after 65 years of operations.  Similarly, several e-mails were sent to various web-sites with possible links to Improved Britannic in which we achieved no substantial information.



We challenge all our clients and friends around the world to help us establish: how this anchor which is built for Improved Britannic ended up at the shores of Mozambique, when the actual vessel never sailed to the shores of Africa

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